¡Bienvenidos a SXSW!

Hola! My name is Andrew Casillas, and I’ll be Club Fonograma’s official guide to this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival in lovely Austin, Texas. Above is a picture of me with the Tamale Kingpin himself, Chingo Bling, at last year’s festival (in case you're confused, I'm the one not wearing a cowboy hat). In addition to being an avid stalker of crappy Latin rappers, I’m a resident of Austin and a former writer for Stylus Magazine (R.I.P.).

For those who aren’t aware, SXSW is one of America’s largest and most prestigious music festivals. Every spring, over 1,500 bands converge on downtown Austin for four nights of music, booze, and “PARKING LOT FULL” signs.

Over the next week, I’ll be chiming in with reviews of showcases from some of your favorite artists, including Natalia Lafourcade, Hello Seahorse!, Juan Son, and Ximena Sariñana. After that, it’s pretty much a free for all—interviews, random photography, failed attempts at getting interviews, journal entries about the SXSW experience, pictures of bodily bruises after getting tackled by security during failed attempts at getting interviews, etc. Some of it will be stimulating, some of it will be humorous, some of it will be just downright weird. But it’ll all be in an effort to serve you, the loyal and good-looking readers of Club Fonograma.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Wednesday with my first entry. Now someone get me a Big Red to go with these tamales…


  1. I did make an effort to go, but couldn't, oh well....

    But we seriously got one of the individuals I trust the most musically, although he might be 'new' to the blog, he is one of the people I have most contact with, I just love to talk with people w/ good taste.

    Andrew did a lot of cool things reviewing albums and stuff at Stylus, and he loves pop as much as Jean-Stephane and I... gracias!

    I'll join you next year.

  2. Ya conocemos al guía y aún no hay foto de Carlos Reyes por acá...

    PD: Chingo Bling y su canción de los tamales de oro RULES!!!

  3. Chassidy * KassidyMarch 16, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    Nice to meet you Andrew :)

  4. For a second I thought it was Carlos!

    but then I was like, he does not look like him (or any of the two) at all hahah

    carlos looks like el guincho without the beard, but whiter and more hipster, like very colorful right? no joke, it's like you get the image of this blog through his clothing..

    nice to meet you Andrew, Carlos has said nice things about you before, and I remember Stylus Magazine, it's still up but doesn't get updated, I still check though, just in case.

  5. lol, Jean, I do not look like El Guincho... I'm taller .. lol

    and yeah, i do wear bright clothing, 'cause they make me feel good lol

  6. Hey Andrew.
    I'm soooo hoping to get to see Natalia Lafourcade at Flamingo Cantina on Thursday night. I doubt you'll respond, but do you think it's likely I'll get to see the show? Did it sell out like 4 weeks ago? At least I know I can come back here and read your review if I miss it.

  7. los,

    As far as I know, the show isn't sold-out yet. If you WERE going to try to see her, I would get to the venue by about 9 pm, and pay the cover charge. Luckily, the showcase that she's headlining is MASSIVELY bad ass. If you see a guy wearing western wear and carrying around yellow post-it notes, that'll be me. Come say Hi!

  8. Carlos does not look like El Chinho, but his hair does! lol

    He looks like a mix of Alejandro Rosso and Jonas from Plastilina Mosh. + El Guincho's hair.

  9. people, stop trying to compare me with celebrities lol

    Mara, are u still afraid of dogs? haha, remember when that dog chased us @ the park?