"Controlling the Sun", Suave as Hell

Like I mentioned on yesterday’s Indie-O Music Awards post, my friends don’t like Suave as Hell (from Guadalajara, Mexico), honestly, I don’t know much about them and it’s only been 2 weeks since I got my hands on Well Well Mr. Whale, it’s doing pretty good on my iPod, but here is a response I got from my dear friend Gus: “I don’t like them because their pretension takes them outside the musical boundaries, there are hundreds of bands out there that sound just like them, plus they don’t even feel confident enough to reference anything to their homeland, not in language or emotion.”

I’m one of those who think people should do things they way they feel it, but it’s always a challenge to read the honesty behind any art. Therefore I don’t mind bands singing only in English, in fact, I think it’s an extension of the globalized skill. This discussion reminds me of Noche Pasta’s review for Carrie’s gleaming 1981, which questioned among other things, if Carrie was ashamed of her nationality. It’s all about identity and the stimulating force that makes an artist want to share his vision. Truth is, writing in English is so damn easy, that most people would assume the singing in English is a marketing tool … or a sellout.

One thing is for sure, I’m loving “Controlling the Sun” for all the reasons people don’t like it. What do you think?