Travelling Partners, DJ Raff

Mutante Records, Chile

Check this out, Travelling Partners EP is an amazing set from DJ Raff, a Chilean virtuoso who released his EP through Extravaganza! last October, 2 months too old to get into my top lists for this year, but if I had heard it on time this would’ve easily slipped somewhere among my favorite 40 records from last year. Expect some singles from this to place high during upcoming lists, particularly “I need a beat” featuring Maca Melendez which has been playing on my iPod a bit too much perhaps, wonderful track. I don’t think I’ve liked an urban-r&b track as much since Lil’ Rob’s fantastically catchy “Summer Nights.” DJ Raff takes a voyage as his start point and inspiration, recording these tracks in diverse conditions, magnetizing the vibes and warmth of the cities where these songs were recorded.   

♫♫♫ "I Need a Beat" feat. Maca Melendez
♫♫♫ "Soul Streets"
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