Musica bonita para viernes desabrido: Children of the Moon. Unsexxy.

Two great happy songs for you today, the first one comes from Children of the Moon, an electro duo from Guadalajara that I’m digging a lot; is the project of Femmeboy and Iñigo, the former a quirky girl with a great voice, and the latter is a very cool DJ with several projects under his belt, one of them, Mutantek, previously featured on two of Club Fonograma’s Rocolas. They’re recording their first EP, there will be songs in Spanish!, that exclamation mark is necessary since we don’t get too much electro en Español, and just like that this becomes one of our most anticipated albums to hear in the upcoming months.

The second song is the Unsexxy caloron forever remix for Major Lazer’s “Hold the Line.” Unsexxy is Unsexy Nerd Ponies; I liked his Family Reunited a lot, and shared his badass track “Cave Cave Cave” in the Voy a Explotar Soundtrack. There are very few people I follow very close in terms of music taste is concern, and seriously his Tumblr Yo Te Amo has to be one of my favorite music corners, I make a daily visit, like it so much I’ve been thinking on inviting him to join the club. He doesn’t need to write anything to say so much, some people just got awesome taste like that.