La Casa Azul - Video Playlist

La Casa Azul is music remedy… what? Ok, never mine, just trying to sound as lame and melodically lousy as their music, thing is, Guille Milkyway finds great virtue in his bubble-gum pop and that’s why he’s got to be one of our favorite individuals in music today. For those who don’t know much about La Casa Azul, here is the catch; it’s actually a one-man show as opposed as the band you see on the videos. For a couple of years, Guille Milkyway kept this project as a “secret author”, using models on his videos and for T.V. performances. Music has changed, now that playback is almost gone he had to come out and to our surprise, the appeal has not dissolved a bit. For once, we must thank him for making one of the few anthems this decade has given us: “La Revolucion Sexual.” When I started listening to this it was a challenge to get my friends to join me, now La Casa Azul is a reason to get together (+ the music surprisingly does work great with Halo).

Video Playlist:
“Como un fan”
“La revolución sexual”
“Superguay” MP3
“El sol no brillara nunca más”
“Esta noche todos cantan para mi”