TEGO CONTIGO QUIERO! "El Master del Reggaeton" - Afrodita

You have no idea how much I like Tego Calderon, my frustration of people misunderstanding his art is now gone; as expected, I think pretty much by now he’s proven to be the institution for Latin Urban and to me, if there’s a god, he would be as cool as this ugly mofo. See, I think that if he was given a fare chance within the alternative groundings, he would be as popular and iconic as Calle 13, he’s an amazing figure, worthy of among other things, headline any music festival out there. As Tego’s music continues to transcend, reggaeton in the other hand is dying (Arcangel’s first LP was not the expected jewel), would Calderon’s majestic vision save the genre? Afrodita takes a moment to declare him “El Master del Reggaeton”, it’s a spoof, it’s a smile, and it’s what you might expect from Afrodita. Remember to subscribe to our 'videos' (lol) on YouTube.

“Tego, contigo quiero!”