"Mrs. Love" - Disco Ruido

Our friend Mateo Gonzalez (Bufi, Neon Walrus) sent us this hot tune from discoRUIDO! one of the many great acts from the Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack (upcoming May release by Nacional Records). “Mrs. Love” is centered from a sample by The Beatles, which by itself is a risky thing to do. But damn, this has to be one of the most uplifting musical moments to come out of our region lately. 8106 posted the song yesterday and the 152 kids that have hearted this song over at The Hype Machine merit a hit. Disco Ruido will be performing at this year's Vive Latino, they just got a whole lot hotter.

"cause you are the greatest project, feel the stars!"

Go to this LINK, listen to the song, if you like it (I'm sure you will), click on the heart, let's make this thing go all the way to #1.