The Re Album, Zozaya

Delhotel Records, México ***1/2
Rating: 74
By Carlos Reyes

Raise your hands if you’re favorite Latin-Alternative album of all time is Café Tacvba’s Re, that’s kind of how it works; let me join the crowd and Wikipedia in that Re is in fact the best musical contribution to come out of Mexico. Tacvba's sophmore album is also called the Mexican answer to The White Album by The Beatles, now Zozaya aka Zozaya Mariachi DJ is inspired by the highly controversial project The Grey Album by Danger Mouse to bring a disobedient but yet respectful EP that once again embraces rock and hip hop as musical forces from the same vein. I’m not sure if The Re Album works as a statement or just as novelty aiming work that happens to succeed its over-ambitious premise. Zozaya is a two member act from Monterrey (get used to it already, the scene there is hot), Bul and Porno are two highly skilled guys; the former is a top producer bringing the ‘rock sensitivity’ to the project, while the latter brings a harsh and strong character to his hip hop. “Muestrate, Apartate” is perfect for a first track; it’s a defining first impression that will separate its audience between those that will embrace them and the rest. The track is also an endearing crowd-pleaser I could totally see getting big on radio, especially that huge space in between Plastilina Mosh and Toy Selectah. “Rap en Español” manages to sneak away from the premise foundation to settle its ground and identity, reaffirming they are the stars of this show and have the package to breakthrough with their very alternative proposal. This piece also reminds us the fact that Rap itself doesn’t have a translation, unlike the RockEnEspanol tag bands are still getting stamped with by international press. Porno is a bit too obscene in “Temor de ser Feliz”, and despite the triumphant production of the track neither the voice nor the music is charming enough to pull it off like one would expect from Calle 13. “Cafeta Crashed” and “Atrapado” get just about everything right, but also distract themselves with unconvincing phrasing like “soy un cliché.” The last track “El Borrego” is a cool recount of what they are, what they like and show some delightful consciousness by saying “we like Café Tacvba, please don’t sue us." As los tacubos celebrate their 20th anniversary with a tour, Zozaya celebrates them in a beautiful musical act with the very best intentions.  

♫♫♫ "Muestrate, Apartate"
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