Somos Nerds y Nos Aburrimos en las Fiestas, Geekcore Vol.1

Geekcore, México ***1/2
Rating: 70
By Carlos Reyes

Geekcore is the latest Mexican net label we’ve come in contact with; they love mechanics, pixels and robotic sounds, in short, geeky nerds making music. Their releases remind us of the beginnings of The Poni Republic although the poni has never really reached this level of happiness. Somos Nerds y Nos Aburrimos en las Fiestas is not their first release, but it’s a great way to introduce Geekcore as it embodies the general idea of their interesting project. It’s not exactly a catalog compilation, but it’s definitely gives us hints of what’s to come and most importantly, what direction and risks they’re contemplating for future releases. Among the 11 artists that collaborate on the album, there’s only one familiar face, pepepe participates with “sobredosis de te” who had released a Remixes EP with The Poni Republic and has continued to electrify us with almost every remix he drops lately. Dañez vs. Rifhes open the show with the exhilarating “see u fallin”, a congruent clash of electro beats rasping through beautiful vocals. The next two acts, Lumen Lab and Los Bendings make their contributions with rock gloomed tracks, the Geekcore now stands out with versatility and knows how and when to expose its tricks. Another standout tracks include “half army drms of war” by Mary’s Cancer and “dear random honey” by Easily, both carry a great deal of melancholy with them and reconnect with textures the emotional depth of the overall futuristic compilation.