Childs - "Rei"

Ruidos en el Cuarto is one of our favorite new music blogs, they focus mainly on Mexican bands and they’re featuring a new song by Childs. When I was going through all my music archive to compile the Voy a Explotar downloadable soundtrack, finding this band was magical. Their first album Yui, is filled with amazing landscapes, among them, “….”, it won me over and although only two minutes long, I knew I had to include it. DJ Rupture recently wrote about the soundtrack and this was one his favorite songs: “As bodies fall through the air. The sounds of children playing. Field recording ambience from Mexico City’s Childs.”

Later I found out the beautiful music on the trailer of my favorite Latin-American film of the decade (Carlos Reygadas’s Stellet Licht) was one of the pieces from Yui, and that Voy a Explotar’s director Gerardo Naranjo once planned to have Childs do the whole score of his second film Drama/Mex (it couldn't be done, but what a small world). All these makes sense considering how cinematic they sound, but “Rei” might just change it all. It’s a song with lyrics but they keep the richness and pounding spirit of their instrumental works. In short, it’s what a song by Childs would sound like with lyrics and vocals; sublime, uplifting and carrying that feeling of going beyond its walls to reach its thirsty listeners.

♫♫♫ "Rei"