Juan Son covers Annie Lennox & Los Tres

Juan Son recently confessed he never liked Porter and that he doesn’t like Mermaid Sashimi anymore, whatever he’s planning to do next will be interesting to hear. I see him going back to rock edges; although it’s clear he loves pop music (I guess he can be more exuberant in it). His solo album is aging quickly, I still find it remarkable but it’s nowhere near the transcendence of Porter’s Atemahawke. But no matter what, the guy is creative and has one of the most striking voices in music (it never stops surprising me), it’s so good he can sing songs by girls and actually make them sound great.

There’s an album titled Mariachi Rocko which features international rock classics performed by some of Guadalajara’s best Mariachis. There are songs by Radiohead, Coldplay, John Lennon, The Killers, Nacha Pop, Michael Jackson, The Cure, among others. Juan Son and Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan had Annie Lennox’s “No More I Love Yous” on their hands; they made a really baroque sweet reincarnation of it, I like it. Also, he covers Los Tres’s “Dejate Caer” (also popularized by Café Tacvba) for the soundtrack of Amor, Dolor y Viceversa. Juan Son’s has declared that his dream is to make a film, perhaps this could help him out.

Some fans got angry I said he looked like Mike Myers in The Cat in the Hat on his latest video, it was kind of a compliment. Just like comparing him to Cepillin or Bjork, this time he seriously sounds like Golum from The Lord of the Rings (towards the end of "No More I Love Yous).