Feature: Lido Pimienta - "Mueve"

Lido Pimienta has the vision; it’s only a matter of a few songs to recognize when a new artist has it, and she definitely does. Profiling as one of 2010s most promising artists, Lido’s wonderful progressive sound has sparked a good number of fans that go from El Remolón, María y José and Julieta Venegas (all house favorites) to the international critic’s darling Micachu (and the shapes). So who exactly is she? She’s a Colombian singer/illustrator/painter/mother… you know, one of those individuals who were blessed with the full artiste package. She’s currently residing in Canada, which has brought her a broader picture of the arts, but most importantly it has solidified a need for her art to reverence her roots. In her own words, “quiero volver a mi país y poder vivir ahí, es complicada mi vida… pero la música me calma y me sana.”

My head had a bit of a dislocating incident listening to “Mueve,” it’s a jaw-dropping track about self-control, disobedience, form, direction, metaphysics, envisioning things, if you’ve learned anything about my musical taste you know this is one is a special treat for me. This is actually gigantic for me, getting to listen to the principles I’m always chasing, I’m surprised so many people were surprised by us picking Javiera Mena’s “Al Siguiente Nivel” as our favorite song of the decade; it was pretty obvious from our point of view. So yeah, I made my point, I’m really digging Lido Pimienta and it should be obvious as well. In fact, Andrew Casillas already pointed it out: “Oh man, if I were to construct a female musician that I KNEW you would like, I would have created her, todo estilo Reyes.”

“Mueve tu esqueleto y no eches pa’ tras, muchos han querido no dejarnos pasar, tu sabes que tienes la oportunidad, diseña tu vida a tu antojo mira,” you should be convinced by now, but just in case, “siente la vibración ción ción ción." Music as escapism, it doesn’t get better than that. And that amazingly charming voice! I’ll leave her other songs aside just because “Mueve” deserves all the attention it can get (plus there’s an upcoming video for it). We’ll most likely feature other songs by her really soon, she is currently setting up the release of an EP that she will sell through MySpace, handmade individual artwork for every CD, made of recycled material, how cool is that! By far, one of our favorite new artists, obviously, a must-download.

♫♫♫ "Mueve"