Video: 60 Tigres - "Modelos Sin Personalidad"

There are two great tracks in 60 Tigres’s Garage EP (reviewed here + download link), the title track and “Modelos Sin Personalidad”, now officially the second single. The big surprise about this is probably seeing Elias Marcos in their formation, which means 3 out of the 4 members of our so beloved En Ventura are now part of 60 Tigres. While they figure out their formation, they have released this pretty video for a very nice song, one that highlights Roberto “Mr. Racoon” Polo’s great vocals, we have yet to see them live but at least vocally (and in record), he’s one of our finest lead vocalists in Mexican rock. There’s great stuff coming our way from these guys: a new Mr. Racoon LP, Elias Marcos’s Alabio Alabao debut, and an Album vs. En Ventura album.