Feature: Pacha Massive - "If You Want It" (Ga Ga Tech Mix) feat. Rita Indiana

New York's Pacha Massive was the first act to get a boost from MTV Tr3s’s Descubre & Download featuring their hit “Don’t Let Go”. The band might have lost one of its members, but Dominican-born Nava is keeping it up releasing a sophomore album. First single “If You Want It” is the clear standout, it’s got the flow factor and it’s bouncy enough to be seductive. “Sabes que tengo what you looking for, y de donde vengo everybody flows, than we get down low right down to the floor.” I love those spiral songs, especially when they’re as intensified as this one. The single is good enough, but we’re featuring this hot Ga Ga Tech remix by fellow Dominican and Fonograma favorite Rita Indiana. "El Caribe con anzuelo, y me lo llevo porque puedo!"

♫♫♫ "If You Want It" (Ga Ga Tech Mix) feat. Rita Indiana