Video: Joe Crepúsculo - "Siento Que Muero"

After an unfortunate plan of release, Discoteca Oceano finally got Joe Crepúsculo's latest baby Chillout out on Spain’s shelves, his first one to be commercially available on a physical format. Actually, some lucky people got a chance to buy Escuela de Zebras and Supercrepus in a very limited, almost exclusive, CD release of his two very awesome 2008 albums. You gotta love his videos; they’re funny, genius, creepy, cheap, exaggerated, and his latest is no exception. “Siento Que Muero” is currently my favorite song from the album (review coming soon), and this video directed by Luis Cervero and Ana Ibáñez is his best visual offer since "La Cancion de tu Vida" (which you know, is our 24th favorite song of the 00s). Joe told us his album will probably be available for download on his awesome 90ish website soon, stay tuned.