Jennifer Lopez - "Louboutins"

Jennifer Lopez is one tricky artist to analyze, her limited abilities are no secret but she’s got some very good people molding her music. Her albums never add up to much, but there’s always a single or two that make her look like a legitimate pop star. Her first albums go from vile to lame, but as opposed to her film career, her music has gotten so much better, except for her laughable Spanish-language effort Como Ama Una Mujer. Her last album Brave had not one but two awesome singles, “Hold It Don't Drop It” and “Do It Well”, we weren’t around that time but any of the songs would’ve shown up on our Best of the Year list easily.

Her new album titled Love? is set for a 2010 release with a very bland first single “Fresh Out The Oven” featuring Pitbull. But her performance of another song at the American Music Awards had at least half of our club chatting about it. Shakira was there too, but JLO was clearly determined to grab the attention, and she did. “Louboutins” is hot! It’s so bouncy and flashes on and off as a woman with high heels would walk to victory. By the way, this was produced by The Dream whose Love vs. Money is fantastic. “Boy, watch me walk it out, walk it out.”