Video: Enjambre feat. LoBlondo - "Impacto"

Part of Hello Seahorse!’s most significant changes in Bestia is LoBlondo’s decision to not only write an album entirely in Spanish, but to construct such songs in a glossy almost traditional way. In fact, she claims that they’re structured similarly to those classic songs by José José. This doesn’t make them any less pop or any less rock, a rare quality we’ve been praising Enjambre for. The band had nothing but splendid reactions at this year’s Vive Latino where they invited Denisse to sing “Impacto” with them, the song is a blast and they grabbed some footage for a video. This is the fifth single from El Segundo Es Felino and the song should be able to touch the young hearts while bringing nostalgia to your lovely parents. A lovely girl meets boy tune and it really sounds colossal, again, what a wonderful pair of enthralling voices.