Francois Peglau - "One Minute to Midnight Dream"

Francois Peglau is one of Peru’s MAP (Music Alliance Pact) inductees and has been featured in a bunch of our favorite blogs from South America. He’s been sending us material for quite some time but I guess it got lost in the massive amounts of emails we get from bands. I’m not saying he isn’t memorable; it’s just that I wasn’t totally hooked up on a song to really care to write about him (although his personality is freaking cool). Peglau is from Peru and he was the lead man of Los Fuckin Sombreros, he is now standing alone living in London and writing sing-along love songs. His latest track “One Minute to Midnight Dream (so sad)” is very engaging and yeah, kind of sad (in a very good way). This is actually quite depressing but I guess it makes sense; he grabs my attention/like with a sad song. It’s very Beatlesque and the dusty recording rounds it up nicely.

♫♫♫ "One Minute to Midnight Dream" (right click, save as)