Video: La Bien Querida - "9.6"

I must admit that listening to “9.6” for the first time threw me off guard; it was way too far from what La Bien Querida had done with her demos and it sounded weird. Romancero is not only growing on people’s minds, it’s actually transcending as one of the year’s best pop albums and I should say “9.6” is one of its best tracks along with “Bendita”, “Corpus Christi” and “Ya No.” This video is directed by Luis Cervero who at this point, should be handed some kind of award for his awesome videos. This hot new single has also been remixed by Guille Milkyway (La Casa Azul) and Hidrogenesse, can’t wait to hear both, too bad the guys from Elefant Records are so 90ish they only stream songs through Real Player. And oh yes, that's Joe Crepusculo (looking hot) in the video.