Feature: Niña Dioz - "El techno esta de vuelta"

“El techno esta de vuelta y no te diste cuenta.” The wait has been overly long, after her successful Marcapasos EP, Niña Dioz signed to a big label and has struggled to release her much awaited sophomore album La Nueva Escuela, but she’s keeping momentum one way or another. Along the wait, she’s collaborated with Plastilina Mosh, d3NdRON and Pambo, performed at Vive Latino, crafted one the best songs in the Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack (“Prefiero el Asfalto), rocked the LAMC and most importantly, she made the oh-so-good “Faquir.”

She’s determined to keep the action going releasing Niña Dioz El Mixtape, out next month and which will be available for download on December 3. The first single from this release is a new and unreleased track titled “El techno esta de vuelta”, and it features Marcela Viejo, one of the two amazingly talented girls from Quiero Club. It’s definitely more upbeat (perhaps because she’s been hanging out with los Mood Fu), but it definitely shows a more sober and ultimately better skilled MC who knows her resources in and out.