Ely Guerra - "Stranger"

Ely Guerra proves once again that it is okay to take years in between albums as long as the wait merits the quality of the music. She is no longer signed on EMI, instead, she’s releasing under Honey Company, her new (and probably improvised) record label. Lotofire is one of my favorite alternative albums ever and her jump into pop (Sweet & Sour, Hot y Spicy) was very pleasant too, so yeah, I can’t wait for Hombre Invisible. And it’s starting on the right foot as the first single titled “Stranger” is exquisite; it has like the best of Cat Power and Christina Rosenvinge, in the way it establishes its celestial vibe to the point of alienation, only letting a handful of guitar riffs stand on her view.

The album will be sold exclusively through Mapamondo, a Mexican digital store. I usually don’t like music services outside iTunes or Amazon but despite the lack of material and the terrible website feel, Mapondo is taking good care of her album. “Stranger” is up for free download (after opening an account) so that’s a great start. They’re also unveiling the album song by song (one per day), I’ve decided not to listen to the rest of the songs until the whole thing is out and because honestly, the Juanes and Bunbury collaborations scare the hell out of me. Oh and yeah, love her new look, sexiest rockstar in the world (to me).