Club Fonograma's Top 25 Albums of 2010 - Outsiders

25. The Radio Dept. Clinging to a Scheme
Labrador Sweden

24. Harlem. Hippies

23. Sufjan Stevens. The Age of Adz
Asthmatic Kitty

22. Sleigh Bells. Treats
Mom + Pop / NEET

21. Marina and the Diamonds. The Family Jewels
Chop Shop / Atlantic Records

20. Pantha Du Prince. Black Noise
Rough Trade

19. Freeway & Jake One. The Stimulus Package

18. Joanna Newsom. Have One On Me
Drag City

17. Spoek Mathambo. Mshini Wam

16. Against Me! White Crosses
Sire / Wea

15. Local Natives. Gorilla Manor
French Kiss

14. LCD Soundsystem. This Is Happening

13. Vampire Weekend. Contra
XL Recordings

12. Caribou. Swim
Merge Records

11. Robyn. Body Talk

10. Warpaint. The Fool
Rough Trade

09. Erykah Badu. New Amerykah Part II: Return of the Ankh

08. Best Coast. Crazy For You
Mexican Summer

07. Zola Jesus. Stridulum II
Sacred Bones Records

06. Janelle Monae. The Archandroid (Suite II and III of IV)
Bad Boy / Wondaland

05. Four Tet. There Is Love In You

04. Beach House. Teen Dream
Sub Pop Records

03. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Before Today

02. Big Boi. Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
Def Jam Records

01. Kanye West. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy


  1. Hay un error, el disco de LCD Soundsystem se llama "This Is Happening" y no "All I Want" (ese es nombre del sencillo). Ojalá lo puedan corregir.

    Saludos, buena lista.

  2. Best Coast mejor que Badu part two? No puede ser. Y Ariel mucho mejor que Dark Twisted Fantasy. El de Big Boi si esta bueno.

  3. Get ready for those Kanye haterz... no really, despite how much I hate HIM and the fact that he's such a sexist, MBDTF is simply monumental. Kanye's best IMO.

  4. y el Halcyon Digest?...y the suburbs?

  5. Best albums list I've stumbled upon this year.

  6. yo quiero nuestra lista , la de los insiders !!!!!

  7. Buena lista. Creo que se las pasó el Forget de Twin Shadow, que desde mi punto de vista es un mejor debut que el de Best Coast. También creo que el Body Talk de Robyn es superior al trabajo de Badu esta década.

    De cualquier modo, coincidimos en el #1 y #2 como mejores álbums de 'outsiders' de la década.

    ¿Necesita Club Fonograma un escritor nuevo? Me gustaría participar.

  8. Daniel Fernandez in OzDecember 20, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    WOW, I can't believe how popular this Kanye album is. Sure there are some moments I just don't agree it's anywhere near the number one album i've heard all year. This isn't a hate thing, I actually like Kanye, but I sometimes wonder whether the hype pushes his albums to a status they don't necessarily deserve. I don't know, my feeling is this album is getting a much better reception in the US than other parts of the world.

    Don't mind the rest of your list but i'm feeling La Nadadora's list this year much more.

    Keep up the great work in this blog... I love it!