MP3: Suave As Hell - "Talvez"

Suave As Hell - "Talvez"
Track from: Suave As Hell
A couple of Mexican publications included Suave As Hell as one of their favorite Latin albums of the year, so apparently, the anticipated full-length album by Guadalajara’s Suave As Hell is officially out. Their first release wasn’t virtually known (or as acclaimed) until it was properly leaked, so their new one might need that kind of viral push. The band unveiled two tracks of the album, the leading single “Maravillas” (download here) and the wonderful “Tiger in a Cage" (released on Matinee As Hell's third compilation).

They’ve just liberated a new goodie titled “Talvez”, perhaps their most accomplished track yet. They make every sound bit float with an effortless, almost psychedelic edge. Hardly as sing-along as “Controlling the Sun” but it’s innocent and meticulously reflective, a tale of gullible love. Oh and, whoever is doing the art for the new album deserves a medal of honor.

♫♫♫ "Talvez"