Featured: Hypnomango - "El Mundo No Es Real"

Feature: Hypnomango - “El Mundo No Es Real”
Nene Records + Miut Records, Mexico

This is our favorite new song, to put it in better context, we were waiting for a song as good as this one to officially welcome the New Year. Something about a song named “El Mundo No Es Real” is immediately grabbing; the concept of isolation at such affirmative terms is moving, almost heart-trenching. Here we got a song that’s almost cheerless (“nada es real”), but self-responsive (“yo ya no existo”), in its own fuzzy way, it’s celebrating its existence, and that’s just what we need for a fresh start. Well-punched sequences, self-destructive drums and dissonant vocals describe Hypnomango, the new hot band from Monterrey.

Originally a one-man band by Rene Rodriguez, Hypnomango fell into the right hands a few months ago, as Nene Records’ leading man Mou (Bam Bam, XYX), who offered his excellent craftsmanship as a producer and drummer. We can’t emphasize it enough; Mou is one of the most creative individuals in Mexican music today. Hypnomango will bring its raging nostalgia and undeniable noise pop into record next month, through the release of its still untitled debut EP via Nene Records and Miut Records. “El Mundo No Es Real” could translate into “No Hope Kids”, but this one is actually alive.


  1. Noise pop! it sounds a lot like Bam Bam actually, so I'm loving this. Mexican media is weird though, I can't seem to understand why the best Mexican rock bands (Bam Bam, Mockinpott, Piyama Party) are so overlooked.

  2. there is no mexican media, just frustrated musicians with no talent that need some attention and decide to make blogs and mags.

  3. Esta cabrona, hace rato me baje el nuevo de Los Concorde y me quede con un sabor pero de que es esta pendejada! ... luego esta rola me quita el mal sabor. Muy muy buena.

  4. Esta muy buena la rola pero... no se les hace que se parece un chingo a Futureheads?