Video: Dënver - "Los Adolescentes"

No one, and we mean no one (not even Mena) had more amount of critical success this year than Dënver’s Música, Gramática, Gimnasia. It’s the one album this year that had overwhelmingly positive reviews from every corner; particularly in Spain and the U.S. The album provided us with a few anthems, including the album’s second single “Los Adolescentes,” the catchiest track in the album. Music video directors Bernardo Quesney and Milton Mahan leaded our Best Music Videos of 2010 list with “Lo Que Quieras” (Dënver) and “Música y Discos” (Nueva Orleans), and now these two visionaries bring us another mesmerizing clip for a song that might just summarize our generation’s dilemmas. The video has a few less shots, less action bets, and less NSFW than El Guincho’s “Bombay,” but it’s hard not to want to be there: the perfect weekend, true paradise.