Featured: Midiset feat. Fakuta - "Tonos Cromáticos" (Tropical)

Featured: Midiset feat. Fakuta - “Tonos Cromáticos” (Tropical)
Independiente, Chile

Chilean pop took Club Fonograma by storm in 2010, as we once put it, “it’s the collective well-measured sound involving numbers, distances and form.” It’s difficult to predict if 2011 will be as fruitful, but we’re hopeful. Midiset is a powerpop act in the line of De Janeiros and Maifersoni; their songs aren’t as textured, but definitely profound. “Tonos Cromáticos” is a rework/remix by house favorite Fakuta, who added vocals to their song “Tropical” and came out with a beautiful track that’s nothing less than a stroke of genius. Midiset’s watchful and revelatory shifts demanded beautiful on-action lyrics, “cuando me hace girar, cuando lo veo girar.”

Fakuta’s well-punctuated vocals build up the beautiful bridges she’s starting to be known for, like Robyn or Teengril Fantasy, the amount of emotional performance here is wonderfully euphoric. She sings about unresponsive rhythms and coordination with her heartbeats, but above all, there’s a sense of rendition in both, Fakuta’s profile (“Amar y Desarmar”) and Midiset’s “Tropical” that speaks straight to the heart. This rendition, like that of falling in love, finds the strength to let go through the unveiling of disco strings (halfway through the song), as she has finds the coordination of her heartbeat when she sings “frecuencias de movimiento sideral, de bailar, nos vamos a encontrar.”