Video: Gepe - "Un Día Ayer"

We don’t know about you, but ever since SXSW announced its showcase lineup, we’re doing whatever it takes to get there. The most attractive name in the bunch is Chilean pop-folk astro Gepe, and believe us, everyone needs Daniel Rivero in their lives. We are premiering his new video “Un Día Ayer,” the second single and one of the finest songs from his masterful album Audiovision (the omnipresent album on this year's best-of-the-year lists). Despite being a very laidback track, it’s an emotional ride like very few in his career. Working with a very small handful of instruments, he relies on his slow-burning soulfulness and scaled-down vocal shifts to tell the ultimate story on symphonic departure.

The clip directed by Luciano Rubio shows the always handsome Gepe laying down in the woods, in the very good company of bandmates Begoña Ugalde and Valeria Jara. A journey on self-discovery and our multicolored, multidimensional forces (with some help from magic mushrooms).