MP3: d3NdRON feat. Quiero Club - "Gatos Marinos" (Bran Van 3000)

Happy Fi’s electro-rock band by excellence unveils more songs on their soundcloud than we would ever listen to, but they hit it off the park with this attractive semi-acoustic turned dubstep remix of Montreal’s Bran Van 3000’s “Saltwater Cats.” d3NdRON is the label’s super group, comprised of members of other Happy-Fiers such as Niña and Quiero Club. This song features two members of Quiero Club, Priscila & Catsup, enough to give them official credit.
They blur the line between a remix and a cover, cooking the catchy song on its grill but also switching the track from English to Spanish. Like that awesome Flaming Lips cover by La Ola Que Queria Ser Chau (“Rocio Pelea Contra Los Robotitos”), d3NdRON shows why translated international sitcom can triumph on just every corner of the globe. This year, everyone seems to be obsessed with two things, disco and kitties, if you were to pair both things and put them underwater it would sound something like “Gatos Marinos.”

Recently, the band also put out an electrifying remix ("Fiebre de Ceviche") for She’s a Tease’s “Fiebre de Jack.” Both remixes show a band on top of their game and in full control of motion. I must confess, it’s always a bit annoying to write their name correctly, then I remember they’re music usually rocks and that they’re among the few bands to make awesome artwork covers for their singles.