Javiera Mena - Hasta La Verdad Remixes

Javiera Mena’s monumental sophomore album has raised the bar high for any Latin Pop Albums in the next few years, as you know, she once again, topped our lists for Album of the Year and Song of the Year (“Luz de Piedra de Luna”). Needless to say we are also very surprised and disturbed by her absence on this year’s Vive Latino lineup, simply ridiculous. Despite efforts from fans across Latin America (including a TrendingTopic hashtag), she has yet to be added to the fest.
But moving on into more positive news, she has released a 9-track remixes album for her single "Hasta La Verdad", in Andrew Casillas’ words, “the zeitgeist of 2010.”

The remixes are up for free download on Javiera Mena’s website, but it took us almost half a day to download it, so we’re attaching a more reliable link (via WeLikeItIndie). The MVPs in this round are the great remixes from Rebolledo (the extension), Astro (the prism), Lucrecia Dalt ( the mirror) and Pablo Bello (the bounce). Not included here (since it’s not a remix) is Joe Crepúsculo’s mesmerizing cover for Nosotros Los Rockers, in his words, “una version tosca de una bonita cancion.” Also not be missed, is an acoustic version of the song, stripped-down to guitar chords, so vulnerable and so beautiful.