New Single: Emilio José - "A Amizade"

We once compared Emilio José's methods of composition and production to that of an expandable spreadsheet of “music as art, and something else.” Galicia's olympian hero known for structuring about a dozen songs within single non-linear pieces isn’t bringing us a puzzle this time around. He is all set to drop a new single-release next Monday (December 13), it is titled A Amizade and marks the first release from newborn vinyl-exclusive label Discos Garibaldi. If for any reason you need more info to get this 7’’, know there are only 500 copies printed on a gorgeous GREEN vinyl with about five songs on it (which as you know, might translate into a few dozen pieces). He has scooped Club Fonograma and our dearest friends from La Pagina de la Nadadora to stream the single’s CARA A, the title track of course.

Emilio Jose describes A Amizade as one of the most rare and distinctive records he will ever release in his career, he also claims it is his most evident ‘POP’ hour yet, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from him is how to rock mountains with unpredictability. There are no Care Bares or Dragon Ball Z excerpts here, just pure Emilio José magic; heart-warming vocals swinging in search for harmony, a ‘bumbumbum’ vocal backdrop providing neo-soul emotions and the emergence of sharp edges of harps and flutes coming in to celebrate friendship, (A Amizade: La Amistad). His definition of pop is clearly stretched and this might not a seminal moment in his career, nonetheless, spectacularly charming and quite addictive.