Video: Los Ginkas - "El Gran Salto"

Los Ginkas’ Ongi Ibili Pop Abilly was one of our favorite EPs of the year; it arrived a bit late into the year (for us), but just as we pointed out on our Best Albums of 2010 special, it was the perfect set of “sticky songs” for us to spotlight them as one of the bands to watch in 2011. Well, it seems like they’re ready to start the New Year with the release of their full-length debut Retumbarama (out now on Spicnic Records). Los Ginkas’ pop flows with great ease, so much it could sound a bit cartoonish, we happen to like that. First single “El Gran Salto” (video via La Pagina de la Nadadora) sounds like what you would expect from an up-and-coming Spaniard pop band, but it’s risky nonetheless (crowd-vocals are always hard to coordinate), also, I swear I hear Panda Bear’s “Bros” somewhere on the background.