María y José - Violentao EP

Tijuana’s new prodigy kid Antonio Jiménez (María y José) grabbed four spots on our Top 100 Songs of 2010 list, as much as Javier Mena and Rita Indiana. His debut album Espíritu Invisible is still one of the most mesmerizing records of the year, and he’s got great plans for 2011 with new forthcoming releases from both of his profiles, María y José & Los Espiritus. In the meantime, his hit and highest ranked single “Violentao” is finally out; not the most Christmas-spirited song out there, but definitely as intense. This is the sharper, fully finished track so many of us fell in love with months ago.

The press release makes up a nice little background story about the song, arguing ‘el María y José’ received 8 shots on a violent Tijuana night, reviving at the second day (beating Christ by one whole day) and eventually, making this sort of acidic protestant song. As we once put it, this is a song that “tells the story of a nation’s rolling violence,” with the most aggressive and furious mambo beats. “Violentao” shows up with eight remixes from house favorite Algodón Egipcio, 3Ball MTY’s Sheeqo Beat, Venezuela’s Sunsplash, among others. Now available for free download through Coco Bass.