El Sueño de la Casa Propia - Historial de Caídas Remixes

Historial de Caídas -Remixes-,
El Sueño de la Casa Propia

Pueblo Nuevo, Chile
Rating: 77

By Carlos Reyes

A couple of months ago Jose Manuel Cerda Castro (El Sueño de la Casa Propia) turned to social networks and asked if anyone would like the idea of remixing any of the songs from his spectacular 2010 debut. The response was of course, overwhelming. Historial de Caídas is a frenetic, captivating ride; the kind of colossal-youth album we’ve learned to embrace and re-discover.

The adornments, complications & manipulations of ESDLCP’s soundscape contradict its triumphant results, and these conditions now find themselves expanded into broader territories through the holy grace of the REMIX. Cerda Castro is a heroic infringer to the industry and the senses; in Historial de Caídas Remixes he has found himself an impressive Oceans Twelve entourage. In this album, El Sueño de la Casa Propia gets to play ‘submissive’; tonight he is the Michael Jackson, and the Nelly Furtado. ESDLCP is in great hands. The album’s chops are given shape by some of Latin America’s most intricate electronic gurus. Chilean power duo De Janeiros opens the show (and sets the bar high) by embedding their industrial spark to “En Mangas de Camisa”, the first cut that signals this album as a puffy yet mesmerizing experience.

Historial de Caídas is like a mine of precious sounds, and the premise offers absolute freedom to bring rich & diverse carving. Venezuelan pop executioner Algodon Egipcio accentuates the density of “Cortina de Humo”, Pepepe takes “Puertas Adentro” to the Ringling Bros., Sr. Amable sees the other end of the world in “Un Paso Al Costado”, and María y José dismembers ESDLCP’s hit “Voluntad de Oro” into the pre-colonial “De Oro La Voluntad.” Unlike the perfectly whole-hearted structure of the original, the sequencing of this album is all over the place, and that’s as far as I could go in highlighting its weaknesses. Unlike any fraternity in the world (including those famous 12 disciples), these guys have made something quite precious; a full topical treatment for an album that’s no longer a novelty, it’s officially on the side of the transcendental.