Video: Ed Wood Lovers (feat. La Bien Querida) - "Ciencias Exactas"

Spanish nu-pop-folkloric duo Ed Wood Lovers released an interesting album last year titled Lesiones Cerebrales, which seems to have caught the eye of Elefant Records. Four of the tracks from that album have been given the studio treatment and will get to showoff their new makeup as part of a translucent green 7’’ EP, which should do the job of putting them on the Iberoamerican indie map. The title track “Ciencias Exactas” sounds a thousand times better than the original cut, and features the always-stellar vocal companionship of Ana Fernandez Villarde, La Bien Querida. The song features a charming clip sure to excite more than a few. In the age of the cubicle, it’s only fair to find escapism; Farmville, Epic Duel, World of Warcraft, and Dating Sites seem to offer the conditions for such escapism. As shown in this clip, clicking through life in a costume is fun & today’s most logical form of community-leisure.