Video: Monstruobot - "Todo Lo Que Tienes"

Bursting out of the archipelago of the Canary Islands, Monstruobot is on its way to internationalize its squiggly music and its blissful aesthetic. The band just liberated an EP titled Buenos Tiempos (via Caucho Discos) and although it’s not the most varied-in-sound album out there, it’s got definition and a feel-good attitude that should do it well throughout the summer. Leading track “Todo Lo Que Tienes” (and its kaleidoscopic clip) makes me think of Spanish pop pioneers Aviador Dro, and some of the newer subtropical rock-inflected acts such as Extraperlo, Tarantula and Los Directivos. Monstruobot succeeds in making a verse/chorus pop song that feels familiar, yet is distinct in its elements, a seemingly random success... the Spaniard idiosyncratic.