Video + MP3: Girl Is TÖUGH - "Touch & Play"

Back in 2009 we featured “Touch & Play”, an infectious upbeat dance track form up-and-coming Sonoran glam-pop duo Girl Is Tough. It’s 2011 and we find ourselves writing about that exact same song, which has been wonderfully carved and polished, and now comes in the form of a video (directed by Romeo Chuffe & Carlos Montiel). “Touch and Play” is the first single off the duo’s debut EP Key Transpose Vol.1. The sonic techno bridge of this song always takes me back to that famous line by El General, “Que es lo que quiere esa nena.” They certainly bring a quirky form of the ‘four-on-the-floor’ rhythm pattern and the vocals are delightfully aggressive. Their dynamic EP is now available for free download via Bandcamp.