Fother Muckers - Entrega Tu Espíritu (Muerte a los Fother Muckers)

This morning I found myself writing a rave review for Fother Muckers' latest video "Retorno a la Base", celebrating the band's "healthy and still rising career." Well, a few hours after publishing that post, the Chilean quartet has made an unsuspected and quite shameful announcement, they're calling it quits (?). The tomato slaughter seemed to be a bloody metaphor of what was to come. It could be our wishful fan-mode thinking, but like many other fans out there, we're a bit skeptical of the news. This is the Fother Muckers we're talking about after all; a band known for its witty dramatics. But if the news are true, we can only thank them for such an amusing career. The band says goodbye at the peak of its career, and they've released one last album in the purest FM swag. Entrega Tu Espíritu (Muerte a los Fother Muckers) counts as the band's ninth album, and on its first spin, it plays as a great last embrace. On the album's artwork, FM claims this EP is their Last Supper. (Here is hoping they also revive at the third day). Here are some excerpts from the album's back cover:

UPDATE: Fother Muckers will come back under a different name. Tentively 'Los Ases Falsos'

“Por fin es Semana Santa, momento de poner en marcha el plan este. Aprovechamos la sincronía con los eventos de aquel remoto fin de semana de locura del Nazareno para ejecutar nuestra propia despedida…. Ya se pueden escuchar los “lastima, justo cuando iban a dar el gran salto.” Este es nuestro gran salto… Dejamos botada la cruz de los Fother Muckers, apartamos un par de guardias y seguimos nuestro camino. Sírvanse este EP como una ultima cena, disfrútenla y miren como el velo se rasga en dos. El niño se vuelve hombre y el hombre se vuelve loco. Este cuento se ha acabado.”