MP3: Vicente Gayo - "Cosas Que Encontrar"

You might not notice it because we strike to be ‘selective’, but in the last week there has been a storm of new singles popping out of Mexico. Yes, just in time for 2011’s Vive Latino. Vicente Gayo is one of the bands making this smart step forward, and they’re hoping that at least a fraction of the El Vive’s massive crowd will be singing along to their brand new single “Cosas Que Encontrar.” We’ve always been attracted to the band’s energy and its fixation with technicality, and there’s plenty of these qualities in the new track. In the other hand, we’ve also pointed out Vicente Gayo’s lack of direction in the dance-punk circuit, and here’s where the new track shows improvement. This is not to say they’ve made a better song than “GAYO” or “Fin de Transmision”, but they’ve come to terms with their songcraft. They no longer sound like outsized kids running away for no reason, now they’re after something (schizophrenia).