Video: Javiera Mena - "Ya No Quieras Comprenderlo Todo"

NPR’s AltLatino recently unveiled Julieta Venegas’ “Actues Como Un Hombre”, her contribution to the second volume of Varias Artistas (the infamous all-women project by Argentinean pop visionary Lucas Marti). Now it’s time to listen to the other intercontinental star on the album, our beloved Javiera Mena (who also appeared on two pieces of the first album). Under the chromatic scope of Ezequiel F. Munoz and featuring animations by Marti himself, we’re presented with a cute clip of Javiera Mena as an astronaut. The frame never really shoots her into space, but she would be a great tour guide to your local planetary museum (indie stars are amazing cosmos teachers, remember El Guincho in "Bombay"?) Se Puede can be streamed on its entirety via Soy Rock.