Stream: Pegasvs - "Atlántico"

A few months ago we fell in absolute love with Pegasvs' "La Melodia del Afilador", a mysterious band by ‘Sergio y Luciana’ whose sharp, cutting-edge approach to rock&roll had as brainstorming them as part of the new ‘Spanish Rock Flair.’ The band’s profile is still pretty much in the dark, but a new song has unveiled a few hints of where the band is headed, and we’re excited. First, we’re just happy they’ve finished a second song, a good sign of the band’s solidification. We also learn half of Pegasvs is actually Sergio Perez, an interesting character in Spain’s indie, mainly as the head of Thelematicos (whose debut album we weren’t too enthusiastic about). The new track “Atlántico” isn’t as poignantly catchy or jagged as their first track, but it carves further into your skin using it as a map to some kind of hazy to-the-core experience.