Videos: Alexico - "Extraña Silvestre" + "Róbame el Dinero”

CF writer Pierre Lestruhaut hit the jackpot in describing Alexico’s latest Acosador de Media Noche (Episodio No.2), as a “polarizing” record, where he “values consistency over previous thick experimentation.” It’s crazy, almost irrational, to put Alexico and ‘consistency’ in the same sentence, but for those aware of his profile, you’re probably nodding your head right now. As we informed you before, Acosador de Media Noche is an EP trilogy released by Melodias Belafonte that happens to be out of sequence. Episodio No.1 is now out available for free download, and according to the label, it’s Alexico’s most personal album yet.

Two out of the five tracks in Episodio No.1 have been given visual motion. The first clip “Extraña Silvestre” is directed by Patricio Hinojosa parallels insanity with floating heads. The second video "Robame El Dinero" is helmed by CF friend Cuauhtémoc Suárez (designer of the Fonogramaticos Vol.8 album cover) and brings a much more sober Alexico enjoying el Distrito Federal (through the eye of a flip), and looping the very appropriate “Goold Ol Boys” from Dukes of Hazzard.