Video: Astrud & Col.lectiu Brossa - "Lo Popular"

The tendency of turning music video into mini films seemed to have died in the nineties, but with the Internet it has once again grown powerfully in the past few years. Definitely there’s something exciting in the idea of adding a parallel narrative to what could easily be expressed with a literal or unrelated interpretation of a song. Under the direction of polemic cinematographer Jimmy Gimferrer, Astrud’s disconcerting new video for “Lo Popular” does exactly that. Featuring a surreal party with silent dancing girls, we can hear lead singer Manolo Martínez speaking passages about Adam in voice-over that makes one of the ladies stumble. There’s another spacey-voice that indicates him to present himself to the person orchestrating this whole event: the director. Martínez finally shows up coming out of the living room and we get to the core of the video with a sequence shot of him intoning reflection about modernity, with a gentle camera movement and bandmate Genís Segarra standing in the background.