Video: Disco Ruido - "Amorfos"

It seems like every Indie band in the planet is visiting the forest lately. I’m not complaining nor embracing the cliché, I’m just acknowledging it as a sort of generational discharge (the most obvious response after two decades of green screen torture). Mexican electro-bombastic band Disco Ruido has employed the incisive eye of renowned music video director ‘Chicle’ in “Amorfos”, the band’s very first music clip, which is all over the place in its topics & its form. The video’s entrance is of analog proportions, and yet spectacular (the rest goes from the random, to the WTF). The pretty, but arbitrary video frames two lovers getting off the road and penetrating nature through the always silly “hide & seek.” There’s obviously, something wrong in their faces (they look like their storing fungus), but if you’ve seen Miami Horror’s “Holiday” you won’t get disturbed a bit. What those kids don’t realize is that there is a forest vigilante ready to punish them.