MP3: Balún - "El Medio Contenido"

Written on the contrasting landscapes of Brooklyn and Paris during a summer, Balún has just released a delightful dreamy-pop treat with French electronic label BEKO DSL. “El Medio Contenido” is a swirling mélange of sounds and space finding their rhythm; by far, one of the band’s most astral & mystique pieces yet. While most of Balun’s songs tend to throb in the air (especially the instrumental pieces), here Angelica’s soft-spoken vocals punctuate, and lead us to the middle sections of a captivating song that happens to be perfectly titled as well. “El Medio Contenido” folds and extends with baffling ease and beauty, something truly impressive from a group that still shoegazes on ambient platforms.

The single is available for download via the label’s website, and it comes with the instrumental (and very Italo-renaissance) bside “Catorce.” This is the last slice we’ll get from Balún until the release of their much anticipated new full-length.