Video + MP3: Francois Peglau - "We Know We Won't Make It"

In the last year, Peruvian singer-songwriter Francois Peglau has acquired a great amount of international attention, enough to signal him as Peru's most lauded export. Almost every publication out there claims he makes lo-fi indie music, but actually, all of his songs are like quirky slim boleros (at least like those documented on 80's Television). Peglau's methods of composition might not be the most intricate, but they're sharp enough to tell a story. As seen on his new clip "We Know We Won't Make It" (from his album The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau), Francois has the personality of a well-collected stage comedian; he's so charming I want to hug him. The clip sets up a sort of 2011 Cinderella story (or maybe closer to Betty La Fea), where a girl finds gets to live her fantasy when she breaks 'the fourth wall', finding her freedom, a new look, and the boy of her dreams along the way.