Michita Rex - Música para el fin del mundo: Vol.2

Remezcla Musica’s nice label-curated mix series premiered Michita Rex’s second compilation early this week and, after a few spins, we can already say it’s even better than Volumen Uno. Música para el fin del mundo: Vol.2 arrives just in time for the Judgment Day theories (there are billboards invading our highways all over the states). If the world was to end tomorrow as they say, then let Michita Rex guide you until the very end. In barely a year of existence, the label has released some of the most exciting new music on the continent, and the future looks very promising (Fakuta’s debut album is Club Fonograma’s most anticipated record for the rest of the year).

If the first compilation was a phenomenal sampler of what Michita would sound like, Vol. 2 is the family’s referendum on how they actually sound. Some highlights include Samanta’s cherished and pastoral “Ropa Nueva," Fakuta’s dreamy new song “Al Vuelo,” and “Viento Andino” by new Ecuadorian inductee Costavision. Our favorite numbers almost brought us to tears (see: Los Embajadores’ “Compañia del Novio” and Maifersoni’s thrilling “Andina”). With virtually not a single irregular track on the album, Michita Rex's forthcoming catalog looks impressive to say the least.