Video: CREEP ft. Nina Sky - "You"

All the buzz about The Weeknd this year has been mostly due to Abel Tesfaye’s ability to create music that is both sinister and seductive, magnetic in a way that’s almost disturbing. CREEP and Nina Sky take this spooky sexy style to a whole new level in “You.” Brooklyn’s CREEP obviously provide the spooky with the eerie basement echo synths that sound menacing and vulnerable at the same time. With the addition of Nina Sky on vocals, the track gains an intensity that is a delicate balance between conviction and surrender. The video, directed by Thalia Mavros, portrays this balance beautifully with the stark backgrounds and the mesmerizing close-up shots of Nicole and Natalie. While the tension in the scenes shared by both duos is breathtaking, it’s the devastating honesty in Nicole's and Natalie’s piercing eyes and their ability to convey all the dualities of the song in a single gaze that makes the video so hypnotic. Nina Sky is currently working on a new EP, and collaborations like this one make us eager to hear it.