Video: Can Can - "Caos"

Recently, we’ve had a little bit of a crush on a couple of bands coming out of Ecuador. Perhaps it’s our thirst to explore unknown (to us) musical landscapes, but there’s something extraordinarily vigilant about Vírgenes Violadoras, Cadáver Exquisito and Can Can that surges straight from the idiosyncratic. Unlike most of the relatively big scenes in Iberoameirca, Ecuador has yet to stamp a national band into the indie consciousness, and that’s quite refreshing. Our favorite rock albums of the year (Futura Vía, Odio París, Tan Bajo) are pop-induced records dressed in fuzzy noise, so when a band like Can Can delivers a spine-tingling pop song like “Caos” in such a straightforward fashion, we can’t help but to welcome such glossiness with open arms. With directing credits by Juan Carlos Donoso Gómez, the band narrates and scribbles the outcomes of a chaotic gig-in-the-living-room in the band’s very first music video. That crashing of the piñata (along with its time-collapsing music) has to be one of the most memorable sequences in any music video this year; inducing chaos into simplicity.

♫♫♫ "Caos"