Video: Violeta Castillo - "La Batalla del Movimiento"

Violeta Castillo is the owner of a wonderfully secluded (and often explosive) voice. She is also one of several new Argentinean chanteuses to appear on our latest compilation. Two months ago, she released a promising set of pop milestones in her debut release, which she split into two EPs titled “Uno” and “Otro.” Castillo’s songwriting abilities hit you right in the heart, often terrifying the buoyant soul in you. We’ll soon publish a more proper review of her album in which we’ll try to dissect her peculiar ways and maybe try to guess the splitting of her record. Meanwhile, our wonderful Colombian BFF blog El Amarill0 points us to her first video, “La Batalla del Movimiento.” This song gives me goosebumps; it’s like a serenaded hue of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” or something along those lines. The idea of the world pushing two subjects into a singular “rare and confused” human state (being in love) is wonderfully poetic. Add flowers, ceremonial footage, and rococo still frames into the video, and that’s enough to call it a winner.