Video: Juan Cirerol y Martin del Prado - "Corrido Chicalor"

Juan Cirerol, Mexicali’s most celebrated breakthrough since the Maniqui Lazer days, is having a phenomenal year after his debut album Ofrenda al Mictlan went from a well-kept secret in the Vale Vergas catalog to a distinguished cult album. Mexico’s popular music needed a troubadour with this much swag, and the people are responding phenomenally well. Almost every attendee to this year’s Festival NRMAL referred to Cirerol’s 30-minute set as "historic." This clever cantautor is structuring his next album and, judging from a few pieces we’ve heard, it will be rawer and more chaotic than his debut. There’s not a Mexican city I visit more than Mexicali and, although I haven’t had the privilege to witness a Cirerol gig, I’ve suffered the city’s dreadfully humid high temperatures. With the help from his omnipresent companion Martin del Prado, he's unveiled a short but entertaining video for “Chicalor," a song about abandonment, self-inquisition, and getting wasted.


  1. over-rated and sucky

  2. Love Juan Cirerol to heart. He's actually quite popular among 'the hipsters' here in Medellin (Colombia).

  3. awesome, thanks for posting this!
    a wave of alt-norteno is coming, I feel it:

  4. Juanito Pizzerol aka Master of popper nos folkeó duro acá en CUU. Enorme!